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Chryso Stamatopoulou is a Vocal Coach (A Honors in Contemporary Vocal Performance), and a professional singer, composer and musical theater actress. She is the lead singer and composer of romantic folk metal band "Chrysilia".
She is known for her three official album releases ("Like the Wind" 2000, "Unachievable" 2012, "Et in Arcadia ego"- lead singer of folk metallers Chrysilia- 2017) and for her lead role in the popular live music TV show "Amstel live" of National Skai TV Channel. She is sister of Greek pop diva Mando and daughter of jazz pianist Nikos Stamatopoulos and soprano Mary Apergi. At the age of 13, she won the second position in  UNICEF's music contest "Danny Kaye Awards" and she has participated twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, with Greece in 2003 with her sister, Mando, and with Belarus in 2005. In 2002-2003, she starred in her first musical, "The Kind and I", while in 2014-2015 she performed in the Greek version of "The Sound of Music", the most expensive musical theater production in Greece.
The debut album of her symphonic rock/ romantic heavy metal band "Chrysilia", collaborating with producer Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud) and co-composer Elias Pero (Sovereign), licensed by Finland's Lion Music, was considered one of 2017's best. Being an accomplished Contemporary Vocals Professor, she is teaching in two Music Schools in Athens as well as in private lessons.
μαθηματα φωνητικης αθηνα
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